How to save my marriage


In the midst of broken marriages there is an awakening.  

I had one.

It can be the death of your marriage, you or your spouse, and whatever way it goes no matter what nothing will be the same again.

It came down to this.

I had a choice to make. Do I want to save my marriage?

That answer did not come so easy.

I mean yes I did, yet I didn’t really know how!

My husband & I were a mess.

How could I do this alone? It isn’t possible! Is it?

Is there someone who has walked this road who can help me?

Those in my world stayed clear of our disaster.

In the midst of my brokenness I couldn’t see clearly.

My husband dazed and confused as well, he wasn’t the one to answer that question either.

I had to first answer for myself.

Did I mention we were a mess?

There was a lot of silence, and often anger when we were not.

There was a lot of chaos the other woman was purposely causing.

I wasn’t willing to play her or his game.

A lot of drama ensued.

Hit by hit, one by one, by two they came.

I didn’t run to anyone, I ran to God for answers.

Where do I go from here?

There was no answer for quite sometime.

He however gave me incredible comfort for my shattered world.

He quieted my storm continually.

Then the answer came.

The answer he gave me was difficult.

He said be faithful, because I AM: faithful.

What did that mean?

My husband was swinging from one side to the other side.

Should I stay or should I go?

I  didn’t make any decisions, I just waited on God.

I fasted for 40 days. The first time ever.

Explain to me what that means God?

Be faithful because you are?

I need details here!

A lot of things to work through in my mind.


The answer came rock solid  in God heals hurting marriages.

If your spouse isn’t committed, there is still hope.

It starts with you and consists of prayer, lots of prayer.

It is not simple, yet it is. It is not easy, yet it is worth it!

This has been the greatest journey to freedom ever!!

The greatest lie of adultery is that your marriage can never be healed, there is too much hurt, it is time to “move on”.

Another one probably second on my list is infidelity is my “done” card.

I’ll be exploring more of these in detail in the coming days.


7 thoughts on “How to save my marriage

      • God is at work. Let me tell you how.
        #1. My grandson turned the radio on in my room last week one day. I never listen to the radio anymore I usually put pandora on my tv. Mostly jack Johnson and Bruno marz. The radio was tuned to our local Christian station. I used to (probably four or five years ago now) only listed to
        Christian music. The volume was so low I only heard it In the middle of
        The night when everything was quiet. Even then I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. Today I decided to turn the volume up. God has always spoken to me through music. Almost solely through music. I feel a strength I haven’t felt for a long time.
        #2. Of all the blogs I follow on the subject of infidelity you are the only one still posting. Your approach to recovery is what I have been needing. Your focus is totally on God and yourself. I am interested to know what is happening in your marriage. Is your husband with you? Has he ended his relationship with his affair partner? Etc. etc. but it is ok if I never know. You are helping me finally see that I need to reconcile my relationship with God and let him reconcile my marriage if my husband will let him. Either way I will be ok. Because God will never cheat on me. God will always forgive me no matter what I did to disappoint him.
        I know this isn’t going to be easy, detaching from my husband and attaching to God.
        Thank you again for allowing God to use you to heal me.

      • Thank you for allowing God to move and soften your heart!! It isnt easy but First thing must be first! You will begin to see much more clearly when He is in the right place! He is indeed faithful! I will be sharing more on where our marriage is soon.

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